Driver Etiquette

R/C racing is a great hobby. It’s fun and exciting, but occasionally the fun is somewhat spoiled because of some unsportsmanlike behaviour. The purpose of this appendix is to give pointers on how to avoid high frustration levels, and keep the racing fun and friendly.

Good Sportsmanship: This is a hobby! Nobody’s paying you to do it. The only important thing is that you have fun.

During qualifying, the rules say you should let the faster drivers pass. That’s only fair. For the finals – it’s racing.

If you are following another car, do not force your way through, allow the other car at least one corner to let you pass.

If you should unintentionally hit your opponent, the ‘fair play’ thing to do is wait at the nearest available safe place and let him go out in front again.

Once you have raced your heat proceed as fast as possible to the track for Marshalling. The faster you get to the track means you will not keep others waiting and makes the day go quicker.

Marshall like you would like to be marshalled. Watch the section of track for problems NOT the race action. No smoking and no mobile phones.

If you can’t marshall yourself, that’s fine as long as you have someone else do it for you. Your replacement must have current BRCA insurance and preferably someone with some R/C experience. No shouting from the rostrum, please try to keep the expletives silent.

As a general rule, don’t be afraid to ask (politely).